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Pilates Effect Reformer Class

All levels for Private, Duo and Circuit Pilates

Specialization in post rehabilitation, pre and
post-natal, fitness and working with children.


Pilates is a set of well designed exercises that condition the entire body. The effects of doing Pilates improves strength, flexibility and equilibrium in your body.  It's a program that is gentle enough for mothers to be as well as challenging enough for someone who wants more.  It can involve equipment such as the reformer, cadillac, barrel, chair or it can be done completely with mat exercises.

After a session of Pilates you will feel relaxed, revitalized and stronger. Pilates teaches you how to correct muscle imbalances within the body to make your body more efficient and to avoid injuries by promoting proper movement patterns.  The effects of a regular Pilates practice are improved awareness of your body,  dramatically improved balance, coordination, flexibility, strength and posture.  Pilates is an integral part of your program to reduce pain associated with old injuries by balancing inconsistencies within the body. 

Services offered  in home within the Bay Area or studios in Los Gatos.

Call for in home or office scheduling and fees.


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