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Pilates Classes


We provide Private, Duo and Circuit Pilates classes in a fully equipped studio.  

Private Pilates


The most effective way to focus on your individual needs, injuries or chronic concerns is through Private Pilates Sessions.  Private sessions are an ideal way to experience challenges with detailed supervision which in turn, will accelerate your progress to a deeper, more advanced level safely.  You will see more progress through learning what is safe and appropiate for your body.

Duo Pilates


With Duo Pilates you can share your practice with your favorite person or we can find you a partner.  Duos give you an economical benefit, allowing you to supplement your private sessions.  Clients will be working on different types of Pilates apparatus and this ensures that you get experience with all of the equipment.  There are many modifications to Pilates work and having different apparatus to work on makes that possible and it's a lot more fun! (max 2)

Circuit Pilates


If you prefer a group setting, the trio apparatus class is for you.  You will work through a pre-programmed circuit designed specifically for the group with modifications as required.  The pace can be faster but don't let that discourage you.  It just means you will always be moving.  It is always recommended that you go at your own pace and move on to the next exercise as you wish.  The instructor will share time amongst all clients ensuring proper form and safety. (max 3)

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