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doTERRA Essential Oil News



  • Gene expression study- doTERRA has partnered with BioSeek.  This is the largest of it's kind, studying the entire human genome.

  • Research and Development - powerful team of scientific advisors, liaisons, a lot of research studies and product development efforts

  • FDA lawyer presentation - doTERRA is following the FDA lead on compliance

  • Essential oil safety, research scientist findings --all very exciting!

  • Humanitarian efforts: Healing Hands to help relieve suffering...LOVE THIS!


    HEALING HANDS IN NEPAL- Already deeply involved in Co-Impact Sourcing in Nepal, doTERRA immediately began contacting partners there to see what could be done to assist after the devastating earthquake. More than $317,000 was donated by all of us, making it possible for doTERRA to match that and deliver a donation of $636,000. doTERRA provided funding for 200 temporary homes and partnered with CHOICE Humanitarian and others to fund targeted efforts to help the villages of Nepal rebuild.  It is estimated that over 50,000 people in Nepal were helped by doTERRA's efforts!  


    You can assist in these efforts if you feel moved to do so too- when you purchase Wintergreen, as it is now sourced from Nepal.  


    And to donate to the Healing Hands foundation, you will see a $1.00 donation check box at the checkout section every time you make an order with doTERRA.





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